Our journey began when we stumbled upon pickleball by accident. We went to a friend's house to play basketball but ended up playing pickleball on our buddy's newly installed court. From that first game, we were hooked and quickly realized that we wanted to be a part of this growing community.

As we searched for pickleball apparel online, we found that the options were limited and often of low quality. We knew we could do better and set out to create a shop for pickleball enthusiasts to find funky pickleball-themed clothes. Our group of 6 best friends are from all around the country, so, Coast to Coast Pickleball was born.

Our goal is to help you showcase your love for the game through stylish and comfortable clothing that performs both on and off the court. From casual wear to performance apparel, we have something for everyone.

We come out with new designs all the time and if there's anything that we don't have but you want, just call or email us. We can add your design to a shirt or add one of our designs to an apparel piece we don't currently offer.

This is us. I'm the one with red socks and the lame paddle. 

Coast to Coast Pickleball Crew When We First Started Playing

Forgive the mixture of pro and beginner paddles. Some of us took longer to come around than others.