Pickleball is a fun and easy-to-learn paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It is played on a badminton-sized court with a slightly modified tennis net and can be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels. Here are the basic rules of pickleball:

  1. Court dimensions: Pickleball is played on a court that is 20 feet wide and 44 feet long, with a 7-foot non-volley zone on either side of the net. The court is divided into two equal halves by a center line, and the service boxes are located on either side of the court.
  2. Scoring: Pickleball is played to 11 points, with players switching sides after every 6 points. Points can be scored by the serving team or the receiving team. If the serving team wins the rally, they score a point. If the receiving team wins the rally, they become the serving team and score a point.
  3. Serving: The serve in pickleball is similar to the serve in tennis. The server must stand behind the back line and serve the ball diagonally to the receiver's side of the court. The ball must land within the service box on the receiver's side and must bounce before it is returned. If the serve is faulted (e.g., it goes out of bounds or doesn't bounce), the receiving team scores a point.
  4. Volleying: In pickleball, volleying is not allowed within the non-volley zone, which is the area within 7 feet of the net on either side. Players are allowed to hit groundstrokes from this area, but they cannot volley the ball. If a player volleys the ball within the non-volley zone, it is a fault and the opposing team scores a point.
  5. Doubles play: In doubles pickleball, players must hit the ball to their partner's side of the court before hitting it to the opponent's side. If a player hits the ball to their own side of the court before hitting it to their partner's side, it is a fault and the opposing team scores a point.
  6. Rules of play: In pickleball, players are allowed to hit the ball in any direction, including over the net. Players are also allowed to hit the ball on the first bounce or after it has bounced. The ball can be hit with any part of the paddle, and players are allowed to use both sides of the paddle to hit the ball.

By following these basic rules, you can enjoy a fun and exciting game of pickleball with your friends and family. Remember to have fun, stay positive, and always try to learn and improve your skills.